Rising waters in the Pine-Featherville area are forcing some families to evacuate.

"It's the worst that we've kind of seen from residents up here in the last 30 years," Elmore County Sheriff Mike Hollinshead said.

Melting snow and spring runoff has resulted in water overflowing the banks of Dry Creek. It's sent flood waters into nearby homes and roadways.

Linda Madsen, has lived part-time in Pine for the last 10 years, and tells KTVB that she's never seen it come over the bank towards her home like it did on Sunday. So far, her home hasn't flooded, but she's been watching the chaos unfold around it.

"The most exciting thing yesterday was the thousand gallon propane tank that floated by, It looked like a submarine," Madsen said.

Hollinshead says that propane tank came from one of the homes off of Lagoon Circle, which has been completely flooded due to the rising waters. Hollinshead says so far seven families have been evacuated from their homes. Three families were mandatory evacuated due to the extent of flooding around their homes; four other families voluntarily left after access to their home was cut-off.

"Right now, it's the rising water," Hollinshead said. "It hit a lot of people that were unprepared for it. It came up pretty quick and into yards and around buildings, isolating some homes and of course flooding out others."

All campsites and state parks north of Pine have also been closed, including the popular Baumgartner Hot Springs. Several roads along the South Fork of the Boise River are also gone after being washed away by the flood waters. Smith Creek Road washed out, and several campers had to be evacuated.

People are laying down sandbags in an effort to protect their home and prepare for what the future may hold.

"Hopefully, we'll be alright," Madsen said. "We're just nervous that there's this much runoff this early."

Hollinshead expects the creek to run this high for an extended period of time due to the amount of snow still left up in the mountains. He added there's no timetable on when people will be able to return to their homes.