This week K-9 Officer Brady had her first day on the job with the Homedale Police Department.

Brady is already excited to get to work, but she has some big shoes to fill.

Earlier this month, the city of Homedale lost their beloved K-9 Officer Goose to a battle with cancer.

Goose was well known across the city, so the loss was tough for the police department and the entire community.

The loss was especially hard for Homedale K-9 handler, Officer Karl Kingston.

"He was my dog, he was a great dog, great personality, he loved to have his belly rubbed, he was just a good all around K-9," said Kingston.

Shortly after Goose passed away, Homedale Police got an unexpected message from a police department in Rockland, Maine.

Homedale got a message from the Rockland department that said they had a dog available.

That dog was a 4-year-old English black labrador named Brady.

The Rockland Police Department didn't need Brady anymore because Maine recently legalized recreational marijuana. Since Brady was trained to detect marijuana as an illegal drug, she was out of a job.

Homedale Police decided Brady would be a perfect fit, all they had to do was get her to Idaho. But that's where things got complicated.

"Even though she is a police dog the airlines do not consider them service dogs, so they have to ride in the cargo hold," said Kingston.

Having Brady ride across the country that way was not something Rockland or Homedale Police thought was good idea.

So, Homedale Police Chief Jeff Eidemiller reached out to a man who he thought could help and asked a simple question.

Homedale native and Treasure Valley businessman Dennis Combs said he was up for the challenge, so he dedicated his private plane to the mission.

"I always wanted the chance to do something for Homedale, I was so pleased when Chief Eidemiller called me, it was a blessing," said Combs.

So Combs and Kingston made the long trip to Maine.

The pair arrived and picked up Brady from Rockland Police.

"It was very special," said Kingston.

Kingston says it wasn't easy because he knew taking Brady meant a loss for Rockland.

However, both departments say they know this is for the best.

So Karl, Dennis, and Brady hopped into the plane for the trip back to Idaho. That's where the next chapter in a story of great police partners began.

"Karl has this grin on his face and Brady is licking him and jumping up on his lap in the back of the jet, I couldn't separate the two, I think it was love at first sight," said Combs.

"I sat in the back with her thinking there might be some issues with her and she was fine with it, in fact she jumped up into the co-pilot's seat and sat up there and watched out the window," said Kingston.

Now back in Idaho, Brady is ready to get to work in her new home in Homedale.

Brady is named after New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

The Homedale Police Department says they may change her name to "Maverick" as a nod to the movie "Top Gun" and its lead characters, Goose and Maverick.