ADA COUNTY - Bureau of Land Management crews responded Thursday afternoon to a fire that destroyed a mobile home, killed a dog, and burned land in southeast Ada County.

Boise BLM spokesman Brandon Hampton said the fire was burning the home and about one quarter acre of land at 15122 E. Blacks Creek Road. The fire started around 2:30 p.m.

He said the homeowner and neighbors had kept the fire from spreading by digging a fire line with a backhoe.

However, the home is not in a fire-protection district and BLM firefighters are not trained to fight structure fires. Hampton says their role is to call in resources and cooperating agencies to help.

In this case, firefighters from the Orchard Combat Training Center were brought in to help put out the fire.

A member of the family that lives on the land told KTVB that she heard some popping, then came outside to see her son's mobile home engulfed in flames.

The woman said she quickly called BLM and did what she could to move some vehicles away from the mobile home.

No one was inside when the fire started. The woman said her son was at work.

No people were injured, but a Jack Russell Terrier died in the blaze.

The fire's cause hasn't been determined.