When you head up Highway 95 and drive into the town of Council, it’s hard to miss the beautiful red historic courthouse that sits atop the hill.

But a closer look reveals cracks and damage have taken a toll on the building.

The courthouse is slated to be demolished after being condemned this past spring.

However, many residents don't want to see the building go.

On Friday, Adams County commissioners put out a bid out to excavators to gut the more than 100-year-old courthouse.

The building had been boarded up for years, but this past winter especially took its toll on the old structure.

“This building here is not up to code, there is no air conditioning whatsoever, and so we will have a new building which will be heated and cooled in an economical manner,” says Mike Paradis, an Adams County commissioner.

Commissioner Paradis says the decision to demolish didn't come easy because he knows the historical value it holds to many residents, like Danna Barnhart.

“It is the second-oldest courthouse in the state of Idaho,” says Barnhart.

But Paradis says it comes down to dollars and cents.

It’s too expensive to repair and he believes most residents are on board with rebuilding a new structure.

“We have done our due diligence of what to do, and those meetings, probably 50 to 75 people showed up and we took votes and asked what to do, we had three options, and there was only two out of all those people that wanted to see it repaired,” says Paradis.

Instead, he plans to salvage the bricks and build a new building in its place.

“Were going to salvage everything we can of historical value,” says Paradis.

“I have heard that a new building with those old parts and those things attached to it is not going to look historic,” adds Barnhart.

Despite Barnhart's opinion and other residents who feel the same way, Paradis says its likely a done deal.