TREASURE VALLEY - The last couple of days have been difficult for some local business owners and homeowners in Eastern Oregon and Western Idaho. This after the weight from all the snow and rain the area has gotten started to cause some roofs to give way.

Around 2:30 on Monday afternoon, John Schmitz says he was shoveling the snow out of the back of his truck when the roof of the Weiser Lanes Bowling Alley started to give way.

"Shoveling snow off the back of my roll deck and I heard...snow sliding off the roof, and so I just looked up at the bowling alley and I see the snow going down, but not out. And then it just kinda whooshed down," Schmitz said.

Schmitz says thankfully no one was inside at the time of the collapse. He says later Monday afternoon a demolition crew came in and knocked down the rest of the building for safety reasons.

"The blessing is no one was in there. No one was in there to get hurt," Schmitz said.

Weiser Lanes wasn't the only business affected by the snow.

The Les Schwab in Ontario had the front of its building collapse due to the weight.

A manager onsite said thankfully nobody was hurt, but there were three people under it at the time.

The manager says one of them heard it starting to crack and yelled at the other two to get out. He added that Monday they had debated whether or not to send someone up on the roof to clear out some of the snow, but didn't due to safety concerns.

The nonprofit Blazing Hope Youth Family Ranch is asking for a little help after the snow collapsed its horse shelter in Middleton. They say no people or horses were hurt.