BOISE - New Happy Wheels carts are rolling out to take the hospitality and comfort of the Idaho Ronald McDonald House to the hallways of Boise hospitals.

The Ronald McDonald House is known for helping families stay close together while a sick child is in the hospital.

"The Happy Wheels carts are a way for us to take the hospitality, care and comfort that the Ronald McDonald House is known for, into the halls of the hospital," explained Mindy Plumlee, the executive director of the Idaho Ronald McDonald House.

In an effort to help more families sitting bedside with a loved one, on Wednesday, volunteers will take carts carrying snacks, books, activity kits and more through the pediatric units of St. Luke's and Saint Alphonsus.

Plumlee says this project is all thanks to a collaboration between the hospitals and Boise State construction management students.

"The collaboration, I think is what's most exciting for the community. Just to know that so many people are really behind helping families with sick children," said Plumlee.

Plumlee says the goal is for the carts to bring a little relief to families going though a difficult time.

"Nobody wants to be in the hospital so the opportunity to have a little bit of care and a little bit of break, really for parents, siblings, patients all of them - it matters," explained Plumlee. "When you're there for long days, uncertain tomorrows - knowing somebody cares, helps."