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Loaded gun found in carry-on at Boise airport

This is the sixth gun found in carry-on luggage at the Boise Airport so far this year, according to the TSA.
Credit: TSA
Gun found at Boise Airport April 24, 2020

BOISE, Idaho — A woman could face fines or a criminal charge after she tried to bring a loaded gun onto her flight at the Boise Airport Friday morning.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, the handgun was found at 5:30 a.m. in the carry-on bag of a female traveler headed to San Francisco International Airport.

TSA officers noticed the gun - a Walther PK380 - during the X-ray scan of the passenger's luggage, and notified airport law enforcement.

This is the sixth gun found in carry-on luggage at the Boise Airport so far this year, the agency said.

"I am proud to see that despite all of the distractions from normal life due to the coronavirus, our Boise TSA officers are still focused on TSA's main mission of keeping passengers safe by keeping prohibited items off of airplanes, ensuring that those who need to travel are able to do so," said TSA Federal Security Director for Idaho Andy Coose. "We are continuing to train our staff and do whatever it takes to keep them alert to possible threats to aircraft during this unusual time and the results show it. Well done, Boise TSA!"

The situation is being reviewed by the Ada County Prosecutor's Office for possible charges. The woman also faces a civil penalty of up to $10,000.

For information on how to legally fly with a firearm, click here.

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