Every year organizations take the month of October to help spread awareness and raise funds for breast cancer. An effort over the years that’s designated this month as Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

One organization looking to do their part is The Farmstead in Meridian. The organization grows everything from jack-o-lantern pumpkins to pie pumpkins to even pink pumpkins.

“Each one has its own personality,” Jim Lowe with The Farmstead said.

Although, not all have their own cause.

“It's just a unique aspect of pumpkins to be able to have charitable pumpkins. Pumpkins with a cause,” Hillary Lowe with The Farmstead said.

The porcelain doll, as it’s called, is a pink pumpkin that helps raise money for the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation.

“A portion of each of the proceeds goes to fund the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation, which is a breast cancer charity,” Jim said.

The Farmstead first started growing their pink pumpkins back in 2013, when their theme was a tribute to the American cowboy.

“We had a 'tough enough to wear pink' tie in, with this 'tough enough to grow pink,'” Jim said.

So every year since, the Lowes and The Farmstead have purchased their pink pumpkin seeds from the Colorado foundation.

“There are a lot of details in the maturity and selecting the variety and really selecting seeds and breading those seeds to isolate really the pink,” Jim said.

All in an effort to help keep the fight going.

“Depending on how well the crop does and how many pumpkins we're able to sell in a season depends on what our donation is able to be for the Pink Pumpkin Patch Foundation,” Hillary said.

More information on the Pink Pumpkin Foundation can be found here.