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We asked newcomers why they moved to the Treasure Valley

Here's what you said.

BOISE, Idaho — It's no secret the Treasure Valley is growing. 

Canyon County's population soared by 18 percent in the last decade, while Ada County grew exponentially as well. Meridian saw the most growth in Ada Count, with a 39 percent increase. 

We asked newcomers on Tuesday to text the newsroom at 208-321-5614 and tell us why they moved to the Treasure Valley. Below are some of the responses.  

"I moved to Idaho to attend Northwest Nazarene University, then stayed after I fell in love with the state."

"I moved here to Boise September 2006 to be with my family from Reno Nevada so glad I did best home ever ."

"My husband and I first visited Idaho on our honeymoon in 1977.  We loved it.  We stayed in Illinois because of family commitments etc.  in 2015 he retired and I quit my job. Now here we are in beautiful Idaho."

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"Moved here for less population, cleaner air, nicer people."

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"I moved here 25 years ago. I loved looking out at the mountains I'm not able to see them as well now.Too many buildings. I loved the farmland because i love real food not too many farms now. I loved the low crime aspect..not that way now. Very sad."

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"The reason that we moved to Idaho was because of its prosperity and growth.  My husband and I both come from very small towns about 100 miles from here that are limited in opportunities,  employment, activity and educational options. In fact,  the town's have become stagnant offering little hope for fulfilling your dreams and living out your best life.  This is a great area for plenty of activities for my entire family year round,  there are options here for everything from great food, pediatricians to dog parks.  And Idaho still carries some good old hometown morals, values and hospitality.  We've been here for 15 years and hope that everyone here continues to be as hospitable to those yet to come as they have been to us.  We love Idaho!"

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