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Telemundo Boise offering Idahoans Spanish-speaking option for national news

The latest numbers from the 2020 U.S. Census shows Latinos make up 13% of Idaho's population. Telemundo Boise said the need for local, Spanish news is crucial.

BOISE, Idaho — Minority populations are on the rise in Idaho. The latest numbers from the 2020 U.S. Census shows Latinos make up 13% of Idaho's population, up by 1.5% since 2010.

To help the community, Telemundo Boise has a Spanish-speaking option for national news and entertainment, made specifically for the Latino population.

For more than 15 years, Telemundo Boise has provided the latest national news to Idaho viewers. However, Telemundo Boise's manager, Clint Fitch, said news company is not doing enough. 

"I think maybe people feel more at home, you know, knowing that there is -- not one -- but three Spanish stations here that we have to bring them entertainment," Fitch said.

Fitch said Telemundo the need for more local, Spanish news content is crucial. 

"The community needs to be educated," Fitch said. "The community needs to be educated the right way."

The pandemic made it hard for Spanish speakers to understand and believe important COVID-19 information, according to Fitch. 

"Look at all the, whatever everybody's stance was for getting vaccinated," Fitch said. "Look at all the false information that was spreading about getting vaccinated and not getting vaccinated."

Fitch said a large factor in misinformation from local news is due to the language barrier. 

"They are getting second-hand news," Fitch said. "They are getting sometimes untruthful news and sometimes they might have not been getting it at all."

Right now, Telemundo is focused on bringing different communities together by putting on cultural events for everyone to enjoy. 

"My goal also to -- if I can teach a non-Hispanic, a little bit about the Hispanic culture," Fitch said. "Contrary to what people believe, 5 de mayo was not Mexico's Independence Day. We've had the dancing horses, people in general love those."

Telemundo Boise's manager said his hopes for the future of the news company includes more local information from local reporters, but it has to start with community support. 

"The people here deserve to have local news here and get that in their language," Fitch said.

Telemundo Boise is located inside the Hispanic Cultural Center of Idaho in Nampa. More information and their latest events can be found on Telemundo's Facebook page, Telemundo Boise 16.

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