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Taking a look at Treasure Valley growth from 2010 through 2019

Growth helped define the last 10 years, but how much did things really change? For some, a lot.

BOISE, Idaho — On this first day of the new year - and new decade - a lot of people are looking ahead to the future.

But, before we do that though, we want to take a look back.

In the Treasure Valley from 2010 through 2019, one word helped define the decade: Growth.

In 2010, many expected growth over the next decade, but the explosion in the Treasure Valley saw more people, more traffic, and costs, more expensive. 

Census data shows that since 2010 the city of Meridian has seen a major population increase. Ten years ago about 75,000 people called the city home. That number is now more than 105,000.

That's a 39% population increase, the largest among major Treasure Valley cities. 

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Kuna also had tremendous growth with a 35% population boom in 10 years. 

And we can't forget Boise which, in 2010 had a population of 205,000. Now it's closer to 230,000. 

It wasn't just Ada County that welcomed new neighbors. 

Overall Canyon County saw about 35,000 new residents, an 18% population increase.

Caldwell saw 10,000 new faces join their city, while Nampa had an increase of 15,000. 

Idaho's population as a whole grew by 200,000, with some new residents looking for jobs.

So how did pay change since 2010?

Census Data shows that 10 years ago the median household income was $50,985. The latest data shows that number is only slightly higher now at $55,583. That's below the national average of $62,000.

The minimum wage did not change over the last 10 years, and remains $7.25 per hour.

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The biggest single expense for most families is housing, and that too has changed.

According to data from Zillow, median prices have increased across the board:

  • Ada County home prices went from $215,000 to about $335,000
  • Canyon County home prices went from $123,000 to about $245,500
  • The median home value in Boise went from $202,000 to $323,540
  • The median home value in Meridian went from $220,000 to $342,432
  • The median home value in Kuna went from $173,000 to $276,102
  • The median home value in Nampa went from $117,000 to $245,816
  • The median home value in Caldwell went from $120,000 to $235,813

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As we journey through 2020 it’s hard not to wonder, what will everything look like in 2030? For now, it’s simply wait and see.

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