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Are most new Idahoans really from California?

The popular thought is that most people new to Idaho come from California, new data tells the whole story.

BOISE, Idaho — Who is moving to Idaho and where are they coming from?

Those questions and more are now answered from new data from the U.S. Census Bureau 2018 data set.

In 2018, a little more than 21,000 people moved from California to Idaho. That accounts for 26% of new people moving into Idaho.

With that in mind, that means that 74% of people did not move from the Golden State. 

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Other top states people came to Idaho from include:

Washington accounted for 18% of new Idahoans, Utah at about 8%, Oregon at about 6%, and Texas at about 5%.


  1. California – 21,018
  2. Washington 14,955
  3. Utah 6,626
  4. Oregon 4,735
  5. Texas 4,180


  1. Washington – 11,911
  2. Utah – 8,574
  3. Oregon – 5,745
  4. California – 4,224
  5. Texas – 3,494
  6. Arizona – 2,733
  7. Kentucky – 2,215

Of course, people moved from Idaho to other states in 2018. 

Where did they go? 

Most Idahoans headed up to Washington, followed by Utah, Oregon, California, and Texas.

Overall in 2018, 79,765 people moved into Idaho.

And 55,183 left for other places.

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