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Boise city officials consider changing how residents are notified of new urban development projects

The changes will include new signage, increased notifications, and more neighborhood meetings.
Credit: KTVB
File photo: Boise City Council takes public comment.

BOISE, Idaho — City officials will consider new standards for development and land use at the Tuesday Boise City Council meeting. 

Changes will go into full effect at the beginning of Jan. 2020, according to the City of Boise news release. 

Officials are considering expanding the radius that developers are required to notify residents of their intentions to build and when upcoming neighborhood meetings will be held. 

Applicants of new developments will be required to print, post and manage new and larger signs for the areas they want to develop.

Additionally, parcel reports that better explain the zoning and overlay definitions will be required. As well as, a digital feedback form that will allow community members to comment on proposed development projects as part of the pre-application process.

The City of Boise has created a six document packet that will better explain the development process, according to the news release. 

The packet will include: 

  1. Planning review process brochure
  2. City planning handbook
  3. Neighborhood meeting best practices guidebook
  4. Flyer explaining how to provide testimony at a public hearing
  5. Flyer explaining the public hearing process
  6. Handout that outlines specific procedures for posting public hearing notification signage at proposed developments 

"This effort shows that we all have a stake in what Boise is and what Boise will be, and that we can shape it together," said Boise City Council President Pro Tem Elaine Clegg. 

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