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'Boise Boys' stars offer housing market tips

"If you are looking for a home right now in the Treasure Valley, get prequalified, get all your ducks in a row financially, and get in line."

BOISE, Idaho — Luke Caldwell and Clint Robertson, stars of HGTV 's "Boise Boys,"   are shooting a new series here in the Treasure Valley. It's called Outgrown, and it's set to debut in the fall.

In this tough Idaho housing market, where homes are so hard to find, the pair is helping families stay in their current homes by remodeling them to give them more space and function. Many families are taking advantage of their home values rising, and choosing to take out home equity loans to improve their homes, instead of buying another house at a much higher price. 

"It's crazy to think what is happening here," said Luke Caldwell of the hit show Boise Boys. "Boise is really becoming a destination. A lot of people try to blame Clint and I for that, but the reality is Boise was the fastest-growing city in America before we even started the show." 

His co-star Clint Robertson says when it comes to the Treasure Valley, what's not to love? 

"I don't think there's any other city that's growing faster than Boise, it's just a desirable place," said Robertson. 

Robertson and Caldwell have some advice for people looking for a home in this competitive market. 

"If you are looking for a home right now in the Treasure Valley, get prequalified, get all your ducks in a row financially and get in line," Robertson said. "Make a good offer if you see a house that you want, because trust me, somebody else is right there making counter-offers." 

Caldwell says it's important to know in which area you want to live, so that you can watch for homes to pop up for sale. Also, both men say spread the word that you are looking, and get family and friends looking for you, too. 

"There is so much demand right now, Clint's right, you've got to have all your ducks in a row and be ready to go. Know the area that you want to live in so that when a house does pop up, you can find it. You also want to be looking for off-market deals," said Caldwell.

If you just can't find the right home at the right price, Caldwell and Robertson say, keep looking, but in the meantime, make the best of what you have. 

"Hang tight, fix your house, and just enjoy the ride and where you are living," Robertson suggested. 

That's exactly what they are doing on Outgrown, making homes work for Idaho families. They are currently finishing up season one, but they are already thinking about season two. 

"With all the folks needing renovations it's easier and easier to find homes to do for the show, and with season two coming up, we're filling those spots up now," said Robertson. "So, if anyone is looking for a home renovation, give us a holler!" 

You can reach the Boise Boys here for information on home renovations.

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