NAMPA - The historic Pix Theatre in downtown Nampa was at one time the largest movie theatre in Idaho, with seating for nearly 700 patrons.

After 70 years, time has taken its toll on the theater, which now sits vacant. The last movie was shown back in 1999.

However, there is hope the Pix could once again show movies.

There's a grassroots effort that's gaining momentum to return the movie theater back to its original glory.

Since 1946, the Pix has sat along 12 Avenue in downtown Nampa.

"They had the Rocky original Sylvester Stallone on display, I was just 11," said Nampa resident Rick Stoddard.

However, what once housed Rocky posters, now houses the chalk artwork of passersby.

"It's always been empty since down here at this location," said Dennis Randall.

Dennis Randall owns Cafferty Cyclery just a few doors down from the Pix and says over the years there have been several efforts to reinvent the old movie theater.

"I've heard of open theater, wine bar, all kinds of different stuff," said Randall.

Although all that's inside right now are reminders of what this building used to be.

Pix Anew Inc. is looking to change that.

"Our hope and our dream is to open the doors," said Debbie Lasher-Hardy, director of the board for Pix Anew Inc.

The nonprofit purchased the building a couple years ago and is working to turn it back into what it once was.

"Turn it back into a theater, but with theatrical arts being more of the focus," said Lasher-Hardy.

Over the years, there have been efforts to return the theater to its previous glory, but those efforts took a hit when the roof caved in back in 2003.

"I just feel like the whole community is wanting this to come alive so they can even thrive more," said Lasher-Hardy.

Time that could start sooner than later.

"I think that we're close to starting," she said.

Hoping to bring more life to downtown Nampa.

"It would be a very special place. I think it would bring Nampa to life again," said Stoddard

"More traffic, more people just coming downtown, getting things going," said Randall.

Hardy say they're still working to calculate just how much the renovation would cost. The group is seeking donations. You can learn more about donating here.