Gowen Thunder 2017, the first air show hosted at Gowen Field in more than 20 years, is officially over.

The event was expected to draw tens of thousands of people and organizers it didn't disappoint.

"Guarantee tens of thousands of people were here yesterday and we expect tens of thousands of people today,” said Maj. Chris Borders, public affairs officer for the Idaho National Guard. “How many exactly is anybody's guess."

A guess because they don’t have a way to count or track exactly how many people showed up. It was a free event open to the public, so there are no ticket sales or revenue to track.

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One way they’ve been estimating is by looking at parking.

"Our parking lots were 90 percent full yesterday," Borders said.

The world-famous U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and the Royal Canadian Snowbirds drew in the large crowds for their aerial performances.

"In Boise, Idaho it's a very strong supporter of our military community. That's what this event is all about is talking to our community opening our doors getting our neighbors out here to see what we do. It's been a really long time that we’ve done this," Borders said. "This is our opportunity to say thanks for the support."