STAR -- Idaho Governor Butch Otter says he regularly gets letters from people asking what he's doing to help bring Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl home; Saturday, he was he was happy to know he could now answer that the Hailey native is coming home.

Governor Otter spoke to KTVB on his Star ranch Saturday afternoon. He had been in touch with the Idaho National Guard and other officials about the release and agreement. While he hadn't yet talked to Bergdahl's parents on Saturday, Otter was excited for the family he's kept up with over the years.

It's a good day for them. Bob and Jani have been through an awful lot, and boy I tell you what, the patience of Job, and the just the hope almost every time we met with them, and they just knew it was going to be in the next month or two. And the next month or two. So when you reflect back over five years, those folks are pretty strong, Otter said.

The circumstances of why Bergdahl left base and why he was captured are still largely a mystery. Otter said while that will be a focus for the government, he says for Idaho, he believes Bergdahl will be welcomed into open arms.

I think the circumstances of his capture, the circumstances of his departure from his base of operation, I think those are going to be the things that the military's going to be most interested in. But be that as it may, I think everybody's going to welcome him home, Otter said.

Otter says his church has continuously prayed for the Bergdahl family and his release, and says, Today, those prayers have been answered. He also says this five year journey has shown how Idahoans stand together.

It reminds us an awful lot that even with 1.6 million people, we're still one big family. And we still have those sensitivities and those emotions whenever one family runs into an incident like this that we all gather around and try to support the best we can, Otter said.