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Gov. Inslee warns of new COVID-19 restrictions as cases increase statewide

Spokane businesses could face another setback in a year of constant adaptation.

SPOKANE, Wash. — While Governor Jay Inslee contemplates tighter restrictions, Spokane businesses are trying to stay afloat through all the ups and downs.

Running a locally-owned shop is already a challenge in and of itself. A pandemic on top of that is pushing the strength of some business owners to the limit. 

“It’s slower than normal, but we have a great group of regulars that come in all the time,” said Aaron Schwartz, who serves as the general manager of Wild Dawgs.

Several businesses across Spokane have permanently closed their doors. The ones that have persevered through the pandemic are taking it day-by-day.

In an address on Thursday night, Inslee said Washington is in a similar position now as it was when the pandemic began. Cases throughout the state have doubled over the last two weeks and he’s seriously considering making some changes.

While Inslee did not announce any new restrictions during the address, his office said new restrictions are "actively under consideration."

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The governor is expected to announce as early as Monday Nov. 16 his decisions on next steps.

"The governor’s staff have been reaching out to stakeholders in various sectors and industries for their input on proposals to restrict activities," information from Inslee's office said. "As with previous restrictions, the goal is to reduce how often people are likely to come into contact with people from outside their household, limiting the spread, and preventing our health care system from being overwhelmed."

It’s been a constant battle for business owners. On the one hand, this is how they make a living and provide for their families. Then, there’s the concern for customer health and trying to get a hold of this virus from spreading even more.

Some local business owners have said it’s been horrible over these past few months.

Many are choosing to lean on one another for encouragement. They aren’t sure when things will improve, but they’ll be sticking together until that day comes.