BOISE, Idaho — Treefort Music Fest is officially underway, and organizers want to make sure it starts off on a good note. 

That's why they're now warning people about potential ticket scams happening online.

KTVB spoke with organizers of the downtown Boise festival, who say this isn't the first time they've heard about these scams happening. That's why they say they want to get ahead of it now.

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The folks at Treefort are now hearing about some people online claiming that they're sick or otherwise unable to attend Treefort - and they're now selling their tickets.

The problem is, those tickets are often not legitimate. In some cases, the tickets are purchased with a stolen credit card - then someone tries to sell the tickets.

But once Treefort is notified about the fraudulent purchase, the ticket becomes invalid.

Treefort co-founder Drew Lorona, who's running the box office, tells you what you should know if you still need to buy a ticket.

"The number-one thing is the safest way to buy a ticket is from us, from Eventbrite and Treefort," he said. "But if you are going to buy a ticket secondhand, buy it from someone you know, a friend."

Treefort said they haven't heard of anyone falling for this ticket scam yet.

But again, they say the best way to buy a ticket is through their ticketing company - Eventbrite - or a legitimate source or someone you know.

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