A whopping 1,400 pounds! That is the new record for the largest pumpkin ever grown in the state of Idaho.

And you can see right now at The Farmstead in Meridian.

The record pumpkin was grown by D.J. Steffler who lives in Nampa.

In fact, he specializes in growing them big!

The 1,400-pound pumpkin was planted in a greenhouse this past spring.

This pumpkin beat the previous Idaho record of 1,219 pounds.

Jim Lowe with The Farmstead says it took a forklift and special equipment that cradles the pumpkin to move it from Nampa to Meridian without damaging it.

The pumpkin will be on display until the end of the month.

“You hear all sorts of things," Lowe said. "It's just something remarkable and we love being a part of remarkable moments in people's lives and seeing things that are unique and you don't see every day, and certainly a 1,400-pound pumpkin is certainly something you don't see every day."

Lowe says the record-breaking pumpkin will certainly go out in style. It will be dropped at The Farmstead's annual pumpkin smash event on Oct. 28.