GARDEN CITY - More people moving to the Gem State means more traffic on the road and unfortunately more accidents.

Specifically, in Garden City, where officers are reporting a significant uptick in collisions in just this past year.

"What I am saying to our commuting public is put the phone down," says Garden City Police Sgt. Clair Brannan.

Starting Wednesday, the Garden City Police Department is cracking down.

Specifically, officers are focusing on drivers failing to yield.

"It’s when you are turning in front of a car, people for the most part cannot judge speed, whether you’re in a 35 or 65, you get accidents out there you don't know how fast that car is going, hence they turn and then they have that accident," says Brannan.

Running red lights, speeding and driving inattentively in general.

All these violations officers are attributing to be distracted, usually by a cell phone.

"At 55 mph, you look down to look at your phone or something and in that five second period you have already traveled a football field, how many things could take place in that amount of time," says Brannan.

In 2016, Garden City Police reported 290 traffic accidents and in 2017 there were 338, a 16 percent increase.

"This is the highest accidents we have had since 2007, and they are not going down," says Brannan.

Increased enforcement starts Wednesday and Brannan says the effort will last as long as it takes.

"Physical presence changes driving behavior, if they see several officers out there on the roadway, you see people step on the brakes and that car start to slow down," says Brannan.