Campaign rhetoric from this election has made its way all the way from the candidates to the classroom.

A fourth grader at Star Elementary School told KTVB in an interview on election night, he was bulled after some rhetoric on the campaign trail.

Juan Dominguez said because he’s Mexican, some children at his school told him to "pack his bags" in reference to president-elect Donald Trump’s tough stance on immigration.

Carla Karnes, the principal of Star Elementary, didn’t hear about this until KTVB called her, and didn’t see the interview until we showed it to her.

“You know when you first called me, I think the thing for me is it's sad. You feel sad because you want all kids to feel safe. I want all kids to feel like they belong here,” she said.

Karnes said teaching respect and building a community is something Star Elementary works very hard to do.

"We take that very seriously,” she said. “We teach kids how they should speak to one another, and how they should handle problems."

Juan’s father told KTVB he doesn’t blame the school for this. He said the school and staff there have handled this situation very well. He says it’s what has been said this election season that is causing this.

President of the Hispanic Cultural Center in Nampa, Humberto Fuentes, said he hopes this language doesn’t continue.

"We're hoping that was election rhetoric,” he said. “We don't know what Trump we're going to get as the president elect. He's kind of been all over the place, so we don't know."