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Former BSU student who shot and killed hockey player Bobby Skinner gets out on probation next week

Now, Bobby Skinner's parents are calling for more gun safety and education "I think in any other state the laws would have been harsher"

BOISE, Idaho —

It has been more than two years since Tricia and Robert Skinner’s son Bobby was shot and killed. 

“This has been our worst nightmare, he was our only son, only child," said Tricia Skinner.

Kyle Kelly, the former Boise State University student who pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter for accidentally shooting and killing Bobby Skinner gets out of county jail next week on probation. 

“Kyle Kelly the shooter is charged but gets off with just one year and nine years probation and our son will never come back, he's gone forever,” said Robert Skinner.

The Skinners say that it is likely that, once he gets out, Kelly will move back to New York where he’s from. 

“We are just hoping and praying that the new york parol officer abides by judge Hogeland's probation terms that he set forth of which there are 30 terms," Tricia said.

Now, the Skinners are calling for changing gun laws and more education when it comes to gun safety.

“There really needs to be better laws about keeping guns locked inside. some of these boys were drinking alcohol” Tricia said.

In fact, the Skinners recently met with BSU president Dr. Marlene Tromp. They said they’re hoping that BSU can begin providing more education on gun safety and alcohol use, in order to keep this ever happening to anyone else. 

“I think in any other state the laws would have been harsher and the punishment would have been more severe,” Robert said.

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