Many people have friends, family or at least know of someone in Florida right now, preparing for Hurricane Irma as it spins toward Tampa.

Former Boisean Amy Compton now lives in Palm Beach County.

It’s right where the eye of the hurricane was supposed to cross over until it changed directions and began moving west.

Compton and her daughter decided to stay and weather out the storm.

Katherine Ernst, who lives in Delray Beach, packed up her bags and got out.

Ernst made the decision to evacuate Thursday night with her boyfriend.

“The original plan was we were going to try and go to Alabama, but now that's not looking like a safe place either, or Tennessee, or Georgia," Ernst said. "So everyone is kind of not really sure the best place to go."

Ernst picked a hotel in Orlando, a city that local meteorologists say will not get the brunt of Irma.

But the drive getting there was anything short of quick.

“The gas lines are very long some people just completely ran out of gas, so that's been an issue for a lot of people that have tried to head north your just in that gridlock traffic,” Ernst said.

In Palm Beach County, Amy Compton says getting gas was an issue for her, too.

Stocking up on groceries has been even tougher.

“Everything in the middle aisles is gone in every store, and I went to the store three times. I had to track down water. It was crazy trying to track down water," Compton said. "I made six trips out of my house just to get a case of water each time I went out."

Compton decided to stay because she didn't want to get stuck in traffic. Instead, she's now stuck in her apartment.

“We have a three o'clock curfew. Everyone is indoors, and the police are out patrolling the streets making sure everyone is home and not out driving around,” Compton said.

And now, all she and her daughter can do is wait.