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Forest Service tackling trash issues at Kirkham Hot Springs, applaud 'progress'

New measures like added dumpsters and increased monitoring seem to be cutting down on the littering issues, officials say.

LOWMAN, Idaho — Measures taken by the Forest Service to stem repeated littering and bad behavior by visitors to a popular Idaho hot springs are paying off, officials say. 

Kirkham Hot Springs, located near Lowman along the Payette River has long been a destination for visits, and the crowds have only increased as the state's population continues to grow. 

The site has also been plagued with people leaving trash - including dirty diapers, empty beer cans, and food wrappers - around the site. 

The Forest Service took to social media last month to urge everyone to enjoy the hot springs responsibly, and clean up after themselves. 

The agency announced on Thursday that seasonal Lowan Ranger District staff and volunteers will begin to regularly visit Kirkham to monitor the situation and clean up garbage left behind. 

Two dumpsters have also been added near the campground for visitors to dispose of their trash.

"We want to express our appreciation to the community for stepping in to pick up trash and help us manage this situation." said Terre Pearson-Ramirez, acting Lowman District Ranger. "We have seen how valuable outdoor recreation is to our visitors and how important those visitors are to our community. We want to do our part to ensure that both have a safe and enjoyable experience."

The Forest Service says they have seen signs of "progress" at the site when it comes to littering, but stressed that all visitors still need to do their part to make sure Kirkham stays clean and enjoyable for the public.

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