It's a phone call no parent wants to get: that your child has been in accident - especially when you are miles away waiting to know if they'll be okay.

That's what happened to the Flatt family when their son, Cory, got into a dirt biking accident. Now he is recovering and the family said it's all because of some good Samaritans.

"The way I feel, if one thing would have fallen out of place then my son wouldn't be here," Charlotte Flatt said.

The Flatt family hosted a party Saturday to thank everyone for their support.

Cory, 24, suffered life-threatening injuries in the wreck.

"I fractured three different vertebrae. I fractured the top of my skull all the way down to my left jaw bone, had a pretty gnarly black eye that stuck out past my nose, and then, of course, brain swelling," he said.

He was unresponsive right after the fall. His friends jumped into action, and so did complete strangers like Jed and Judy Mooney. They said, as parents, they couldn't just sit back.

"I wanted to make sure he was alright,” Jed said. “I can't imagine getting that call. He's about the age of my own kids. You don't ever want to get that call that they've been in something like that."

"My son did make it through it, you know, he’s here with us today,” Jeff Flatt said. “Without Jed and Judy we don't know what would have happened."

"It just goes to show,” Cory said. “When you take the time and effort to go check on people see what's going on you could save a life."