The California wildfires have now claimed the lives of 41 people. A tragedy that can be felt right here in the Gem State. Forty-year-old Mike Grabow died when the Tubbs Fire ripped through his Santa Rosa neighborhood. Grabow was born in Idaho Falls, but spent most of his life in Boise.

Grabow’s family and friends describe him as an outgoing person who loved the outdoors and fly fishing.

Lindsay Osier, Mike Grabow’s half-sister, says Mike moved down to Santa Rosa just five years ago, after spending more than 20 years in the City of Trees. A place where he developed long-lasting friendships and a love for the outdoors.

“He loved being in the mountains. He loved music and he loved being around his friends,” Osier said.

It was early last week that Osier started to wonder if her brother was safe from the wildfires after he failed to return her text messages.

“Something's not right I just, I don't know what's going on he's not watching any of my snaps. He's not checking those messages that are being delivered,” Osier said.

Osier reached out to her mom who finally informed her that Mike was missing.

“Everybody was trying to hold out hope and be positive and have us fight that he was going to pop up somewhere,” Osier said.

This as Osier said Mike would be doing the same thing if he was put in their situation.

“He was the strong one when everybody was kind of weak. He was the strong one,” Osier said.

A hope that unfortunately diminished on Sunday after the family received a call from the local sheriff’s department saying Mike’s remains were found.

“He just lifted me up in ways that I never even knew. His love and generosity and always being able to count on him,” Osier said.

One friend KTVB spoke with described Mike as a fisherman, a fighter, and someone who will be eternally loved and missed, and is a better person because of him.

The family is still working on funeral arrangements but tells KTVB they do plan to bring Mike’s remains back to Idaho.