The Elmore County Sheriff's Office on Thursday released the results of a Boise veterinarian's necropsy report on some of the missing dogs that were found dead outside Mountain Home earlier this week.

On Monday afternoon, Elmore County sheriff's deputies responded to the area near old Highway 30, near the Union Pacific railroad track. a few miles outside Mountain Home.

They found two dead dogs that were reported missing by their owners. Several hours later, two more dogs were found, also dead.

A dead cat was also found in the area but Sheriff Mike Hollinshead said its death isn't related.

In a post on its Facebook page, the sheriff's office said the necropsy reports indicate that the likely causes of death as blunt force trauma - but the reports could not determine the actual manner of death.

The sheriff's office said it also "feels confident that poisoning and dog fighting were NOT factors in either case."

As the investigation continues, the sheriff's office asks people not to take things into their own hands, to not try to chase any suspicious vehicles and do not confront anyone. Call 911 if you see anything suspicious.