Get your e-bike on in Eagle!

Electric bicycles, or so-called "e-bikes," have exploded in popularity in recent years.

Monday, officials held a demonstration to answer some questions about the bikes and the rules that pertain to them.

Because of the increasing popularity of e-bikes, Idaho lawmakers are looking at legislation to create a set of rules for them, like whether they will be allowed on sidewalks and trails.

Trek Bicycles was on hand with about 20 electric bicycles for people to try out.

Steve Noyes is the trails coordinator for the city of Eagle. He says the bikes have been a huge hit.

“I call it the e-bike smile. Every time I see someone ride an e-bike for the first time I see them come back smiling," said Noyes. "Because it really is a neat sensation."

The event was held at the Ada-Eagle Sports Complex Monday afternoon.