CALDWELL -- An effort to recall Middleton Mayor Darin Taylor has failed to muster enough signatures of registered voters to make it on the ballot.

The Canyon County Elections Office reviewed petitions that included 583 names. After comparing those names against voter registration records, officials certified 417 signatures.

Under Idaho Code, the petitioners needed to gather 519 valid signatures to put the recall to a vote.

Here is a breakdown of what the elections office found: 23 people who signed the petition lived outside the city limits of Middleton. Three of the signatures were duplicates. Eight signatures were not accompanied by a street address. In addition, 132 signatures belonged to persons not registered to vote, or not registered to vote at the time that the petition was signed.

There are a handful of residents that would like things to be done the way they used to be done. But when I was elected mayor, Iwas elected to bring new direction and new leadership to town, and we feel like we've done that, said Mayor Darin Taylor.

Elections officials say since the petition did not have the required number of signatures, the mayor stays in office, and no new recall petition can be circulated for 90 days.

Folks from the group Recall Taylor had no comment as to whether they would try again to get the measure on the ballot.

We got more signatures than I thought we were going to get, said the group's spokesperson, Tyson Sparrow. To be honest with you, it's just one of those things that's out in everybody's mind and it's on their mind as far as City Council goes and making people aware of where their money's going as taxpayers.