EAGLE, Idaho — Eagle Police are trying to find out who and why someone tried to a poison a woman's dog earlier this week.

On Thursday morning, Jacque Gilliam found a hot dog bun stuffed with pills and peanut butter in her backyard when she and her dog were outside.

She noticed something white in the grass and realized it was the laced hot dog bun. 

Thankfully, her dog didn't seem interested in the poisonous treat.

Gilliam says the whole situation is unsettling.

"I was really shook up, it was really scary. it makes me scared because it was certainly intentional and meant to harm my dog and it's really scary," she said.

Police are now investigating the situation.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office says that they are sending the pills to a lab to test what they are.

Gilliam hopes they find out who did it and says she doesn't think it was one of her neighbors.

She thinks whoever did it is, "disturbed and they need help."

This isn't the first time something like this has happened in Gilliam's neighborhood. 

She says one of her neighbors saw a stranger attempt to feed a neighbor's dog a hamburger through a fence last year. Thankfully, that dog wasn't interested in it either.