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Eagle dad sets world record running half-marathon while pushing his quintuplets

Chad Kempel recently made headlines after he ran a half-marathon in two hours and 19 minutes, while pushing his five youngest in a stroller.

EAGLE, Idaho —

Chad Kempel is the father of seven children, including four-year-old quintuplets, which helped him set a Guinness world record after he ran a half–marathon in two hours and 19 minutes while pushing the five kids in a stroller. 

Kempel said he was inspired by two mothers who did three stroller records. 

“The quints are 4 years old now and we've had a long journey,” Kempel said. “Went through a lot of infertility, the quints were a risky pregnancy they weren’t supposed to live, so in a way, finishing something like this with Amy and the older kids at the finish line, it feels good to do this when life has been so hard.” 

The first time he decided to run with his quintuplets they were just one-year-olds. But then the pandemic hit before he could do his last marathon. 

“It had been almost a year since we pushed that stroller and it was a lot heavier than I remembered it being once we got out on that course,” Kempel said. “It was physically very demanding on me, but how am I gonna complain when Amy's right beside me. She did all the work; she was the one who carried them in the hospital.” 

When asked if he plans on running another marathon, Kempel told KTVB that right after he finished the marathon his wife asked ‘so we’re done, right?’ So as of right now, he doesn’t think he will, but his wife thinks he going to be like Tom Brady, saying he’s retired, but then does another marathon. 

“I love that they're going to remember this, they were so excited, they were waving like they were celebrities,” Kempel said. “I had to point out and say, ‘mom's right there, she's the one who did all the work.’”

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