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E-scooters make a return to the streets of Meridian

Around 150 scooters are on the streets, but more could soon be on the way if there is a demand.

MERIDIAN, Idaho — After a 4-day fail last fall, electric scooters are back on the streets of Meridian.

The e-scooter company Bird is bringing back the trendy public transportation to the state's second largest city.

Lime, Spin, and Bird scooters line the streets of downtown Boise.

Once upon a time, Lime scooters lined the streets in Meridian. But after a disorganized launch last September, the City Council asked Lime to remove them after only four days.

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Lime failed to communicate with Meridian Police, business owners, and users about what can and can't be done with scooters.

Now, 11 months later, Meridian is trying e-scooters again with a different brand.

Meridian City Attorney Bill Navy says things are getting done right this time around.

“I think the scooters is a an opportunity for everybody, I think everyone is interested in it seeing how it can work in Meridian, you know, having better outreach and better education this time, hopefully we'll make it a better experience for everybody," he said.

Meridian is allowing Bird 150 scooters on the streets today.

Their contract allows Bird to add 100 more scooters every two weeks if people are using them enough.

Bird has an exclusive contract with Meridian through 2019.

The Meridian City Council will evaluate in the late fall whether or not they will keep scooters around next year.