Dutch Bros all across the valley are working to make a young teenagers birthday wish come true.

Jake Priestley is a 14-year-old boy from Queen Creek, Arizona.

Jake is battling mitochondrial disease, a terminal illness that drains him of energy and shuts down parts of his body. Doctors say there is no cure.

Jake's wish is to receive 100,000 birthday cards for his 15th birthday on August 28th.

All 280 Dutch Bros around the country have teamed up with their customers to help Jake reach his goal.

“It's very special to him because, like I said, this disease has taken over his whole body and so reading is really one of the last things he can do,” said Jessi Helbing who works at Dutch Bros.
“So he can be in bed reading these cards, and so it's very heartfelt to him and very important.”

Birthday cards for Jake can be picked up at any Dutch Bros location.

You can either mail them yourself or drop them off at any Dutch Bros location.