The Idaho Japanese Association held its 10th annual Japan Day Monday.

Organizers say the event has grown since it first started. Ten years ago Japan Day was so small it was held in a conference room. Now, it's grown so much they moved to the Basque Block.

Performances were held at the Basque Center and the entire block was closed for a street festival. There were food trucks, games for kids, and display booths that all tied into Japanese culture.

Inside the Basque Center there was traditional Japanese dance, lion dance, Japanese drumming and more.

"Performers! Performers are great! They're so talented and they love to show off. It's awesome. And then of course the Boise people response so well," Rika Torrres, the President of the Idaho Japanese Association, said. "It's really exciting. People want to see our culture. That's really exciting."

The next big event the Idaho Japanese Association will host is the Japanese New Year.