The Idaho Potato Drop, now in its fifth year, has become a nationally recognized event. Each year it brings thousands of people into downtown Boise to ring in the New Year; and with it a big boost for downtown businesses.

“Right now, this is going to be our busiest day of the year,” said Lucy McCall with Juniper, a restaurant and bar on 8th Street.

This year, the restaurant has even surpassed their previous reservation record, set on Valentine's day, by nearly a hundred.

“We have about 300 on for tonight,” McCall said.

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In anticipation of all those people, they've had to bring in extra help.

“We have all hands on deck tonight," Mccall said. "Kitchen has tons of people in there working to make sure food's getting out on time. We're pretty excited. It's going to be a lot of fun."

Juniper has also extended their normal Sunday hours to 1 a.m. to help accommodate for those coming in after the Potato Drop.

“It's definitely boosting business for sure,” McCall said.

Down the street, Old Chicago expects the same thing.

“As soon as that spud drops, we're busy and standing room only until we close up tonight," said Marty Zahn, assistant manager at Old Chicago. "So, it's been fantastic for us.”

They too have ordered extra food and supplies in anticipation for their busiest night of the year.

“Rather than having three servers in the dining room and two in the bar for a night shift, we'll have seven in the dining room and five in the bar and several bartenders,” Zahn said.

This as downtown businesses prepare and wait for Sunday's New Year's Eve rush.

“300 to 400 people will crash through our doors throughout the night," Zahn said. "We'll have to go on a wait. We'll just be at capacity."