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Pedestrian crossings near Dona Larsen Park in Boise now open

The new crossings will stop traffic and allow pedestrians and bicyclists to cross over Broadway and Warm Springs.

BOISE, Idaho — Nearly seven years after it officially opened, pedestrians can now safely cross two major roadways to get to Dona Larsen Park in downtown Boise.

The park, which sits on the old East Junior High School site, is home to the Boise State softball and track and field programs, as well as the football field for the four Boise School District high schools.

And it is now easily accessible for pedestrians.

It's a collaborative effort between the Ada County Highway District, Boise State University and the City of Boise to make it safer for pedestrians to cross between Broadway and Warm Springs avenues.

The new crossing will stop traffic and allow pedestrians and bicyclists to cross over Broadway safely.

Crews have also installed a new concrete pathway that bisects and crosses between Broadway and Warm Springs, as well as another signalized crossing to safely get pedestrians and cyclists across Warm Springs Avenue.

“It's a cut through that allows safer access between Broadway and Warm Springs,” said ACHD project manager Seth Jarsky.  “As everyone knows there's a really congested intersection at Warm Springs and Broadway and this allows cyclists and pedestrians to cut through, and it also connects the new city's pathway that goes through the cemetery at the top of the hill.”

Crews still have more painting to do but the lights are up and running.

The project cost about half a million dollars.