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Dozens clean up dog waste along Boise Foothill trails

The public was invited to grab a poop bag and clean up around the Foothills.

BOISE, Idaho — Most often when people decide to spend the afternoon in the Boise Foothills, it doesn't usually involve searching the bushes and trails for dog droppings. But that's exactly what one Boise crew had their intentions set on for Saturday.

"If there's anything Boise really loves, it's dogs and our foothills," said Ariel Hall, a member of the Boise FlyDogs. "The opportunity to get out and clean up our foothills is something that we are really passionate about."

Boise FlyDogs and the Idaho Humane Society hosted 'Boise Gives a Crap,' where the public was invited to grab a poop bag and hike the Boise Foothills to clean up some left-beind dog mess.

The flyball team members are huge dog lovers and big fans of the parks and the trails the foothills have to offer. They believe cleaning up and taking care of public spaces is everyone's responsibility.

"We make a big impact as human beings on our natural environment, so it's really important for us as people to be responsible," Hall said. "That means picking up after ourselves and if there is stuff out there we see, pick up after others too."

As an extra incentive, the flyball group entered those who helped contribute to the beautification of the Foothills into a raffle for prizes. Prizes and poop bags were donated by the STIL, D & B Supply, Lazy Dog Shoppe, Idaho Humane Society, K9 Delights, Linder Pet Medical, Outdoor Idaho Magazine, Eat Clean, Run Dirty, Dirty Dog Trail Marathon and Half Marathon. 

With dozens of people's help Saturday, Boise Gives a Crap collected almost 30 pounds of dog waste.

"We're dog owners and we appreciate living in such a dog-tolerant community," said Amy Shipman, who participated in Boise Gives a Crap. "It's an opportunity to give back to the community and just help out."

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