After several weeks of extreme delays at DMV offices across the state, Idaho transportation officials say they have now identified the problem, a fix is in place, and the system is actually functioning faster than ever.

"Our system has two different halves to it, so you have driver’s license services and motor vehicle services, which is titles and registration, driver’s license are your cards, concealed carry permits anything that's going to be about your person," explains ITD spokesperson Jake Melder.

Melder says the problem was with driver's license services and the agency noticed a slowdown statewide several weeks ago.

"When you would start a process their photo would be taken and then it would go through our secure internet to our server for processing and it would just be slowed down," says Melder. "Once you get one slowdown, it's just like a car wreck on the interstate - it slows down traffic behind it and you get this big backlog."

Melder says delays were so bad, some locations were only processing a small fraction of what they typically do.

"In one county they typically process between 100 and 200 IDs per day and on one of those issues they were only able to get through single digits," says Melder.

After working with the agency's card-issuing vendor, Gemalto, Melder says the system has stabilized.

"We enhanced our databases and increased our server capacity which addressed the situation."

Melder says these adjustments have actually sped up driver’s license services but he couldn't say whether or not they would be a permanent solution as technology continues to improve and ITD will continue to look for other ways to improve services.