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Developer wants to restore old Boise Armory

Developer wants to restore old Boise Armory
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BOISE -- A deal currently in the works between a developer and the city of Boise could mean a new life for an old iconic Boise building.

A California-based developer says they would like to purchase and restore the old Armory building.

The deal is still in the preliminary stages, but if it does go though, the city of Boise says it could be a big economic boost for the city.

Windows at the old Armory building on Reserve Street are boarded up and the building is covered in graffiti. It s sat empty for over a decade.

It's had some state offices in it off and on. It was occupied by the National Guard for three plus decades, said Erik Kingston with the East Boise Neighborhood Association.

Kingston says those who live near the Armory have wanted to see it preserved for years, and now that may happen.

This is potentially a very good economic development deal for the city of Boise and its taxpayers, said Adam Park with the Boise Mayor s Office.

Park says J&M, a California-based developer has expressed interest in the building.

The building itself would be preserved. J&M has agreed they wouldn't tear it down, instead they would restore it and bring it back so it would be structurally sound and find a new use for it which we think would be great for both the neighborhood and the city and for our local economy, said Park.

But because the city of Boise can't sell the land outright without some prerequisites first being met, they're going to have to swap the land with another parcel.

This would allow J&M to assume the property, said Park.

J&M will technically buy land south of the airport for $500,000, then swap it for the Armory.

The developers also have the option of buying two other pieces of property in the same location and swapping them for a larger 200-acre parcel for $1 million.

The city says they're excited about the potential economic growth these two projects could bring, while Kingston likes the idea of the Armory being preserved for years to come.

The city says it will know whether or not the deal has gone through this spring.

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