It was a story that made headlines all over the West: A Christmas tree shortage resulting in higher prices, and possibly, a chance many families would go without one this year. However, that wasn't the case for some tree lot owners.

Several local owners tell KTVB that last year they sold out, while this year they have hundreds of unsold trees.

Jordan Risch, owner of Jordan's Christmas Tree Lot, tells KTVB there was still a shortage of Christmas trees; the difference this year though was everyone knew about the shortage.

Risch says what he saw in his lot was many people buying their Christmas trees earlier in the season, in anticipation that many trees would be gone.

Risch says halfway through the season they looked and their sales and decided to bring in more to ensure they had some up until Christmas.

“We don't want to run out of trees. So, we called a few of the farmers and asked what they had left and brought in a little bit extra later on in the season, which we typically do, but sales really dropped off because everyone came in so early to buy trees. So, a lot of the trees we brought in later didn't end up selling,” Risch said.

A few days before Christmas, Jordan's Christmas Tree Lot contacted churches, nonprofits, even had people paying what they could to help get rid of some. Risch tells KTVB he still has about double the number of remaining trees they typically do.

Several other local lots KTVB spoke with say they, too, have hundreds of trees remaining.

Risch says, as for profits, it was about an average year because they may have extra trees, but did very well in the beginning of the season.

Risch says he typically gives his remaining trees to the Boise Zoo, which he plans to do this year, but will also have to think of alternative ways to disperse of trees.

One way he plans to do that is to sell to farmers for their livestock.