HUNTINGTON, Ore. -- Search and rescue teams are looking for a missing man who apparently tumbled from his boat into the Snake River Tuesday night.

According to the Baker County Sheriff's Office, dispatchers were alerted at 12:30 a.m. Wednesday. Investigators determined the man had fallen from his rowboat on Brownlee Reservoir hours earlier, around 9 p.m. Tuesday.

The missing boater's family searched the area themselves before calling the sheriff's office.

Family members told deputies that the man had launched his rowboat from the Fox Creek shore to help a relative whose boat had become disabled in the water.

Strong winds and heavy rain swept through the area, pushing the disabled boat about a mile downriver from Fox Creek, where it eventually drifted to shore.

The operator of that boat then began looking for the other man, ultimately discovering his empty rowboat near the riverbank. Deputies and the family searched along the shore, but could not find the boat's occupant.

The Baker County Sheriff's Office, along with Idaho's Washington County Sheriff’s Office, has been searching the area since daybreak Wednesday, but have not found any sign of the man.

The missing boater's name has not been released. Check back for updates.