Demolition is now under way on the most deteriorated house on Alto Via Court after much back and forth between the city and homeowners.

It's one of two foothills homes that the city ordered demolished, citing a violation of Boise's dangerous building code.

Originally homeowners were going to have to pick up the tab, but the city decided they would take on the cost in late July.

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Its been the site of constant vandalism and trespassing ever since all 6 homeowners on this street were forced to move out last year due to a slow moving landslide.

And officials say keeping out is now more important than ever.

Its the most noise that has come from Alto Via Court in some time time, ever since the neighborhood has sat vacant.

Monday afternoon, crews got to work on an arduous task: Demolishing the one of the two homes identified as posing the biggest risk to public safety.

“It’s a dangerous and complex demolition project that the contractors are undertaking,” says Colin Hickman, the city of Boise’s communications manager.

Trespassers, vandals and onlookers have frequented the street ever since the owners moved out.

“The city has known for a long time that this site was really dangerous," Hickman said. "We have had people going up there risking their own safety, neighbors complaining about others wanting to get a look at these sites and we can’t stress to folks enough to please stay away from this area, it’s not only risking their own safety but were also very concerned about first responders."

The owners of this house and the other home at the end of the street were fighting to keep their houses intact for evidence in an ongoing lawsuit saying someone should have noticed the hillside was unstable before the homes were constructed.

A judge back in July ruled against that. However the city decided it would take on the cost instead of coming out of the homeowners' pockets.

Now, Magnum Demolition is taking on the project, after offering the city the lowest bid at just under $50,000.

Tearing down both houses is expected to take at least a week.

Until then, officials warn: Stay out.