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'This is my heart': Daughters of the American Revolution honor the history behind America's independence

Daughters of the American Revolution trace their ancestry back to the people who fought for America's independence in the Revolutionary War.

BOISE, Idaho — Idahoans love to celebrate the 4th of July; however, it's important to know why we celebrate America's independence in the first place, according to the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR).

The organization is service based, 17-year DAR member Carrol Emery said. The organization places an emphasis on helping American veterans and educating people about America's history.

The DAR traces their family tree back to the people who fought for America's independence in the Revolutionary War.

Emery has to go back 9 generations to make the connection.

"This is my heart," Emery said. "And that to me is worth remembering from 9 generation back."

Emery stood alongside fellow DAR members Monday morning on the Idaho Capitol steps. They held signs for the original 13 colonies - honoring each colony in the order of which they ratified the United States Constitution.

A couple dozen people watched the ceremony. The crowd joined in singing the national anthem and reading the preamble of US Constitution.

"Maybe they'll go home with another feeling about 4th of July. Not just a day to have firecrackers, but a day to remember the men who fought and gave their lives," Emery said.

Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) - including Idaho State President Jack Currier - also attended the DAR ceremony.

"This is the birth of it all. The greatest country on the planet. We got our troubles, and we got our problems. But we are still the greatest country on the planet, and it all goes back to this day," Currier said.

This day - the 4th of July - is laced with rich history. It's important history both Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution are eager pass on to the next generation.

"And actually, I've been amazed how knowledgeable some of these elementary and middle school kids are," Currier said.

Because while the Revolutionary War is personal to SAR and DAR, its events shaped the lives of every American. Today, these patriots simply ask for people to reflect for just a moment and try to grasp the importance of America's independence.

"People gave their lives so that we have the lives that we have today. It wouldn't happen if it hadn't been for these people," Emery said.

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