Idaho State Police have responded to more than 203 crashes so far in December, and some of those involved ISP troopers who’ve responded to help.

Newly released ISP dash cam video shows one of those accidents. On Friday morning, several ISP units were working slide-offs just east of Boise. In the video, you can see an ISP trooper walking from his patrol car when a white passenger car slides, nearly striking him. The car ended up hitting another patrol car.

ISP said no one was hurt in this situation.

"You feel helpless because you have no control of the situation,” Sgt. Scott Tulleners said. “Any officer can tell you a story about how they had to run."

Tulleners wasn’t the trooper in the video, but as he said, any cop can tell you about a close call.

"I've been standing outside when the patrol car behind me got hit, and it slammed into the back of mine. And I was standing next to mine, and I had to run down into the shoulder,” he said. “We've all got those stories though, and again, that was a driver who was driving way too fast for the road conditions."

FBI data shows in 2015, 29 officers from around the country died in the line of duty as the result of a car accident. Seven of those officers were struck by vehicles while assisting drivers or conducting traffic stops. In the last two weeks, five ISP patrol cars have been hit on the interstate while performing investigations.

“People just seem to, in general, and I'm not lumping everybody into it because we do have a lot of cautious drivers,” Tulleners said. “But the ones we're finding in the ditches, the ones we're finding crashing or crashing into us for that matter, they're not slowing down."