BOISE, Idaho — Dangerous trees at Bogus Basin are set to be removed starting next week.

The Idaho Department of Lands says these diseased and infested trees pose a hazard to skiers.

Almost 80 percent of the tree stands within the Bogus Basin project area are infected with Douglas-fir dwarf mistletoe.

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The mistletoe deprives trees of water and nutrients, which weakens them and makes them susceptible to Douglas-fir beetles and western bark beetles, which can kill trees.

The worry is that large parts of the trees will fall to the ground, especially under the weight of heavy snow.

"Bogus Basin supports these essential efforts to improve the health of our forests for the enjoyment of future generations," said Brad Wilson, General Manager of Bogus Basin. "We appreciate the opportunity to participate in the collaborative Forest Health Project initiative."

The wood is expected to eventually be sold as firewood and saw logs.

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