The Fourth of July is just two weeks away.

Every year, the little mountain town of Crouch grows by the thousands for the holiday weekend.

Over the years, the party in the streets has gotten out of control with illegal fireworks and a lot of alcohol.

This year, property owners have said enough is enough and banned all fireworks within city limits, even sparklers.

The city limits of Crouch are only a mile long, but this mile has become very popular as of late to launch fireworks off on the Fourth of July. However, that's all changed this year with a new city ordinance.

“Here the locals couldn't even come to our town celebration because other people were creating all kinds of havoc," said Diane Caughlin, Garden Valley Chamber of Commerce. “There's absolutely no fireworks in the city limits of Crouch."

The fireworks ban does not include private property. But throughout town you'll see signs reminding people of the new ordinance and encouraging people if they see something, say something.

“There's a telephone number that you can call to the dispatch at the fire station where there's always one sheriff deputy stationed there," said Caughlin.

But this year, to help enforce the new policy they are calling in backup.

“We've hired additional law enforcement company. I know that the sheriff will have his deputies out in force and ISP will be here as well," said Caughlin.

While the city might be safer there's new concern that people will go out into the forest to light their fireworks. That's why forest officials will be out patrolling on the Fourth of July as well.

“We could cite you for the minimum of $200. We could also make you appear in court in front of a judge," said Jessica Kearney-Reeves with the Boise National Forest.

And if you do start a forest fire, you could be held liable.

“If you accidentally start one and we find you liable, you could be charged for the cost of the fire, including all the equipment that comes with it. If somebody gets hurt, all of that stuff," said Kearney-Reeves.

As we head into Fourth of July, it's important to remember lighting any type of aerial firework is illegal in the state of Idaho.