It's that time of year when the ground is covered in leaves.

"We are the city of trees, so we're going to be the city of leaves,” said Catherine Chertudi, who works in the environmental division of Boise Public Works Department.

Usually you go out to rake them up and then the city comes and picks them up on trash day. But this year, that's not happening as quickly as you might be used to. Public works is delayed.

"We have folks that are a little concerned,” Chertudi said. “They don't want to be missed. They put all that effort in to it. They want to make sure that it's collected and the materials are composted.”

Chertudi has worked for public works for 25 years and said this earliest she's seen the leaves fall.

"Usually over the month of November,” she said. “This year it’s like two weeks, three weeks and we got leaves!”

Not to mention, there are 16,000 bags of them following Rake Up Boise.

"Every year Rake Up Boise rakes up about 800 to 900 homes in the city and about 15,000 to 16,000 bags each year,” she said. “Saturday was Rake Up Boise. All of those bags are out this week."

Chertudi said crews are working hard to get the job done. Additional trucks and routes have been brought in to help.

"We're working overtime every day, we've brought in extra crews from throughout the Valley to help collect all of the leaves," she said.

This is part of normal program costs, so Chertudi said there is no additional expense.

Two trucks are going around in most neighborhoods to collect the leaves -- one for the compost carts, the other for the leaf bags.

“Folks should be aware that even though one may not have been collected and the other one was,” she said. “Just sort of wait until they're all taken care of."