BOISE - If you looked up to the sky over Boise this morning, you may already know balloons were in the air. What you might not know is that there was also love in the air.

Many will take an unforgettable ride in a hot air balloon during the 2017 Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic, but one couple's balloon voyage was extra special.

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Soaring above Boise, Glen Peterson says it wasn't just his first time in a hot air balloon that was making him nervous-- he also had a life changing question to ask his girlfriend Sidney Lasnick.

Miles above Boise, the couple stood inches apart. Glen said, "Sidney, I've loved you since the day I met you and you're the love of my life. And I just have one question for you, 'Will you marry me?'"

Also invited on the romantic trip, KTVB's Larry Gebert and KISS FM's Keekee Luv. They were lucky enough to be a part of the special moment that Sidney, without hesitation, replied, "Yes, I will."

According to Glen, Sidney wanted their relationship to take the next step for a while. He says he wanted the proposal to be a surprise so he had been trying to "throw her off" to prepare for today's special moment.

"I knew it was time." said Glen. "I love her with every bit of my existence and ready to make her the best part of my life."

Sidney giggled saying that the surprise in the hot air balloon was just that-- a surprise.

"I'm super excited. I love him so much and I, like I said, I wasn't expecting it so I'm just-- it's so exciting," said Sidney.