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Nampa woman wins $100K on lottery scratch game

Maria Torres Malua won a $100,000 on the Lucky Jackpot Super Ticket game.
Credit: Idaho Lottery
Maria Torres Malua and her husband hold up the winning $100,000 check from the Idaho Lottery.

BOISE — Maria Torres Malua stopped a Stinker store in Nampa on her way home Friday night to get some 7-Up for her husband who was not feeling well. She also decided to buy some scratch game lottery tickets.

“The Lucky Jackpot Super Ticket was new, so I got one of those and a couple of others,” explained Maria. “I was so excited about this really big ticket that I didn’t even buy the 7-Up, which is why I stopped.”

Lucky Jackpot Super Ticket is an oversized scratch game that features five different games on a single card. Each ticket is $10 and the top prize for the game is $100,000.

When Maria got home she scratched the ticket and quickly scanned the bar code with the Idaho Lottery’s Check-a-Ticket app.

“It makes a ‘Wooh-hoo’ sound when you win. And that’s exactly what it did. But it didn’t tell us how much we’d won, only to contact the Idaho Lottery,” said Maria. “I thought I’d won $10,000.”

Maria’s husband then looked at the ticket and realized they had won the Lucky Jackpot Super Ticket game’s top prize of $100,000.

“We checked it at a couple of stores, and then scanned it all weekend long,” said Maria. “It just kept ‘Wooh-hooing’ all weekend.”

Stinker receives a $10,000 bonus from the Idaho Lottery for selling the winning ticket.

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